Tomatoes are getting incredibly expensive

By: Trademagazin Date: 2022. 08. 12. 09:19

In August, we are in full tomato season: it is no wonder that the popularity of homemade fresh produce, homemade tomato juice, tomato paste, and lecho is unbroken, since we do not have to prove that the store-bought tomatoes can’t keep up with the tomatoes that ripen in our garden. Why are homegrown tomatoes so much better and how do we cook them so that our family can enjoy them all year round? How to make the perfect homemade tomato juice and tomato paste, what else can we make from tomatoes? HelloVidék now reveals the best tomato tricks.

Tomatoes do not need to be introduced to any housewives, we are well aware of these bright red vegetables, which often take quite unique shapes – which are actually a fruit – but many of us are faced with the fact that in August we suddenly have so many crops that it is bordering on impossible to eat fresh produce. Tomatoes are one of the best ingredients for canning: they can be stored in countless ways, they can be preserved without additives, and in addition, we can preserve such flavors in canning jars and bottles that surely have no match on the shelves of supermarkets!

We eat tomatoes not only because they are delicious, they are also popular because, in addition to their low calorie content (extremely popular diet food, tomato calorie content: 18kcal/100g), they are rich in fiber, vitamins, minerals, and plant aromas. Tomatoes have an outstanding vitamin C content, but are also rich in vitamins A, B1 and B2, and contain large amounts of carotene and tomatine, which inhibit the spread of fungal and inflammatory diseases. The lycopene found in tomatoes prevents the development of cancer and neurodegenerative diseases, but also protects the skin against harmful UV radiation.

Although planting tomatoes seems like fun, beginner gardeners often have trouble with it, as tomatoes require a lot of care: we need to pay attention to the correct seedling growth, top fertilization, tying, weeding and watering, and weeding is not the last task ( foot cultivation is still common in fields). The seedling is often not kept in fertile soil, but in some other planting medium (e.g. coconut fiber or rock wool) – this is also the reason for the huge difference in taste in copper.

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