Get your knives out – we’ll soon have excellent livers

By: STA Date: 2023. 08. 16. 09:30

In many cases, even those who can’t even look at liver are happy to eat liver. We have good news, from now on the path to the KMÉ trademark is open for the people of Hungary. Poultry, pork, beef. Smoked or unsmoked. Any of them can be excellent if they meet very strict requirements.

(Photo: Pixabay)

Fragrant liver for breakfast, with some vegetables on the side. Sounds good, right? Especially if we can spread the best quality on our bread. You don’t have to wait long for that, because the road to the KMÉ trademark has been opened even for the people of Hungary. Not just under any conditions, because in the case of liver products applying for the trademark, stricter requirements than the Hungarian Food Code must be met.

One of these is liver content

In the case of pork liver, the KMÉ defines a minimum liver content of 30% compared to the 25% allowed in the Hungarian Food Code. Another important difference is that the Hungarian Food Code allows the use of meat that has been mechanically removed from the bones, but the regulations regarding liver products applying for the trademark forbid it. Moreover, the use of certain additives, such as flavor enhancers, is prohibited. The KMÉ is also quite strict in terms of the quality parameters of liverworts. For example, the maximum fat content allowed is 32%.


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