Coffees and cafés

By: trademagazin Date: 2009. 12. 03. 08:00

Allee, a new shopping centre opened its gates early November, with a surprisingly high number of cafés. We compared four of the independent ones. Café Bali: Furniture and decorations were imported from Indonesia and the interior is somewhat cosmopolitan, reminding us more of a club than a café. 15 types of coffee are available, including Kopi Luwak (an espresso costs HUF 2,800). Teas are also special brews. Food: 15 types of bruschetta and ice cream. • Hot’s Caffe: An island of peace that is going to be popular among those above 25 who would like to take a break. The furniture is from all over the world, but the place is not eclectic. Besides coffees 20 types of cocktail, 6 types of beer and 8 types of wine and champagne can be found on the menu. Food: sandwiches and baguettes. • Negresco café: A professionally designed café with a bistro-like character. The interior is in retro style with a fine dining influence. Wines are a strength of the place, but they also serve smoothies and home-made lemonades. Food makes the place a winner: two dozens of baguettes, bagels, wraps and salads are available and there are three types of desserts. • Sci-fi Cafe: Typically 21st-century place with a vibrant and attractive interior where romantic couples may feel at home. The main focus is not on coffee: cocktails, spirits, 3 types of beer and 10 types of wine and champagne are available. Food: sandwiches, salads, tapas and a few main dishes at HUF 1,990.

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