Freshwater fish for Christmas!

By: Ipacs Tamás Date: 2023. 12. 04. 08:55

Hungarian fish is of high quality and healthy – this is what the Ministry of Agriculture, the Hungarian Aquaculture and Fisheries Association (MA-HAL) and the Agricultural Marketing Center draw attention to in a joint press statement.

During the prime fish consumption period, it is worth shopping consciously and, if possible, putting dishes made from freshwater fish produced at home on the Christmas table.
Minister of Agriculture István Nagy highlighted that around 35-40 percent of domestic fish consumption falls on the period before Christmas, which in the case of some large fish producers can even add up to 60-70 percent of the annual turnover. Fish consumption has slowly but steadily increased in recent years, currently at 6.52 kg/person/year. The Ministry of Agriculture is working to further increase the current average annual fish consumption per capita and to ensure that Hungarian fish are placed on the table in the largest possible proportion. The resources of the soon-to-be-started MAHOP Plusz tender will help renew fish production and increase capacity, thus reducing the country’s dependence on imports, as the coronavirus epidemic has also shown that we must strive for self-sufficiency. By consuming domestic products, we support not only the Hungarian economy, but also the livelihood of Hungarian families.

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