Shopkeepers are still struggling in June

By: Trademagazin Date: 2020. 06. 26. 10:09

In the first half of June, store data showed 3.7% lower store revenue than before. This is worse than the 2.6% lag in May. In addition, we bought less goods in grocery stores, it seems that even canned beans persist and there is a lack of foreign buyers. The jump in online stores, which does not have to fall on your stomach, is already smaller than the April peak.

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The statistics summarize in two ways. It counts the forints left in the cash registers, taking over the online cash register data from 2015. And he also looks at how spending changes in volume (in terms of quantity, kilos, liters per unit) as a result of price changes. The latter indicator is usually highlighted.

More recently, however, well before the usual monthly data release, the current price cash register data also appear, how much money we have left in the cash registers, for which two issues need to be taken into account. One is that these are not the usual volume data (there are also small print that OPG, NAV data, there was an analysis that did not take this into account). The other is that it does not include the data of the web stores (because there is no online data communication there). It’s good that it’s at least coming quickly, but there’s something to ponder as well.
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