The German-Hungarian match is coming! This is how the fans of the two nations prepare for the meeting

By: Trademagazin Date: 2024. 06. 19. 11:52

In order to ensure the victory of the teams in the European Football Championship, fans practice many rituals and most of them would do even more for their favorites, according to a survey by Coca-Cola Zéró Cukor, the official non-alcoholic beverage sponsor of UEFA EURO 2024™, conducted by the company’s European he performed all over several countries before the championship. On the occasion of tonight’s German-Hungarian match, we present the customs of the football fans of these two nations.

It is not yet known how the two teams will perform on the pitch, but the balance of power is expected to be balanced in front of the screen: 73 percent of Hungarians watch football regularly or at least occasionally; for Germans, this rate is similar, 76 percent.

For both nations, a significant proportion of fans have some football-related custom, superstition or ritual that they perform regularly before or during matches.

Football fans like to watch matches in a certain company (28 percent of Hungarians, 24 percent of Germans). 25 percent of Hungarians always sing the national anthem before a match, while the proportion of Germans is 16 percent. 37 percent of Germans cross their fingers during a match, 10 percent of Hungarians practice this habit.

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