Is the Russian store chain called Mere coming to Hungary?!

By: Trademagazin Date: 2024. 04. 01. 11:27

Based on the information obtained by, the company’s goal is to open 200 stores in three years and achieve a turnover of 700 million euros, which represents a serious challenge for the existing players.

Mere’s planned presence in Hungary is part of its European expansion strategy, which had to be revised due to the Russian-Ukrainian conflict and sanctions affecting the Russian economy. The model of the discount chain, which works similarly to Penny, Lidl and Aldi stores, already works successfully in many countries and is now appearing on the market in Hungary as well.

Of the planned 200 stores, 20 would be in and around Budapest, which would be realized in the first year. This would represent a significant challenge for the existing retail chains, while the Hungarian government also prefers to support domestic businesses over foreign competition.


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