Farmers can sow high-quality spring wheat seeds

By: STA Date: 2024. 01. 08. 09:30

Sufficient amounts of high-quality spring corn seed are available to farmers, according to the data of the Seed Association Trade Union and Product Council (VSZT). The organization is spring barley, spring wheat and spring oats II. has published a uniform information price of HUF 157,000 per ton for its reproductive grade seeds. The spring barley propagation area shows a significant increase of about 27 percent compared to a year earlier.

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In seed propagation, the actual yield exceeded 7,000 tons, and the expected metal-sealed quantity can ensure even a 100 percent renovation level, explained Péter Perczel. The chairman of the Sectional Committee for Corn and Large Legume Crops of the VSZT explained that the current low grain market prices are not favorable for the use of metal-sealed seeds. However, one of the very important conditions for producing marketable quality goods and ensuring traceability is the use of qualified, metal-sealed seed. Péter Perczel emphasized that only seed produced under controlled conditions and with a certification certificate guarantees purity and value for use.

At the end of the year, the demand for spring rye seed was further reduced by the prolonged harvest of autumn crops and the delay in autumn tillage

The tendency for spring barley varieties to be sown in autumn continued to strengthen, and in parallel with this, there is an increasing demand for “walking type varieties”, which can be sown both in autumn and spring. The average yield of seed propagation significantly exceeded last year’s results, and there were no plant health problems. The quality of the processed seeds is generally good, no quality concessions should be expected. There were no indications of major quality problems with regard to the harvested seed crops, so the available stocks will be sufficient for spring sowing. In the case of oats, the VSZT expects a metal-sealed seed stock of around 2,200 tons from the seed propagation area of slightly more than 700 hectares, which in terms of volume is similar to previous years, and the market demand situation remains low. The amount of old stocks is at the level of previous years, seed quality problems are not to be expected, seed stocks will also be sufficient in the case of oats.

Gábor Polgár, managing director of the Seed Association Inter-Trade Organization and Product Council, said: the specialist committee decided on the establishment of the information price

Taking into account the expected market conditions, spring barley, spring wheat and spring oats II. has published a uniform information price of HUF 157,000/ton + VAT for its reproductive grade seeds. This means bagged, wrapped, metal-sealed, loaded on the vehicle at the seller’s premises, not a fixed price and not a binding or recommended price, the specific contractual price is determined by the parties themselves. Seed price information does not mean price fixing, and its primary purpose is to publish indicative, expected market price information. The committee is of the opinion that the announcement of the information price is a standard signal to the actors of the product field related to the breeding, production and distribution of seeds, that the occupation with seeds is a necessary activity, which is an indispensable tool for agricultural production by continuously ensuring the biological foundations, and through this, the serves the interests of end users. The information price is an important signal to seed breeders to sell their stocks not as commodity grains, but as seeds, ensuring the necessary amount of seed stocks for farmers.


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