Thorough preparations – half way to success

By: trademagazin Date: 2008. 12. 16. 08:00

We have asked a number of display manufacturers what in their opinion ideal trade marketing or marketing professionals are like. The answer was: those who know their job, know what they want and know manufacturing processes. We have also asked some users of displays what in their opinion the ideal manufacturer is like, and received diverse answers. Displays are used in order to boost sales and profit. Some companies use tenders to find suppliers either because this is their policy, or because this is how they try to get their existing contractor to reduce its price. According to a survey conducted by Trade magazin and Promo Power Kft. about various trade marketing activities, only one-third of all clients employ the same display supplier permanently. Potential new suppliers are invited to submit offers on the basis of personal contacts. The majority of clients complain about manufacturers supplying displays which are different from the accepted sample or which are of inferior quality. 15 percent of clients have long term contracts with an advertising agency which is also responsible for contracting the supplier of displays. Regardless whether we are working with a new or a regular supplier, it needs to be given a written brief containing all requirements. Many clients tend to forget about this, especially when they have been working with the supplier for a long time. It is in the interest of both parties to have the requirements in written form, because this can prevent future arguments. It is best to have a general formula for briefs which can be used by everybody. Over 20 percent of clients complained about deadlines not being observed. Manufacturers on the other hand, also complained about not getting any feedback about their designs for weeks or months. Some clients, especially those represented by beginners, are not always aware of the time required for various processes. This is why trade marketing professionals should make schedules for the design and production of displays. They should work backwards, taking the date displays should appear in the stores as the basis for calculating deadlines for various processes. Before preparing a sample, manufacturers should always be given the products which the display is intended for, so that they can test it. Over 50 percent of clients choose the cheapest design from those submitted in tenders. Price is the primary consideration for 26 percent of clients. Creativity is the most important for 24 percent, while quality is regarded as the number one priority by only 21 percent. Efforts to keep prices low often lead to bad compromises at the expense of quality. According to manufacturers, very few clients know anything about the production process. However, at Corvinus University, students studying trade marketing complete a practical course covering all aspects of manufacturing displays.

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