Ice coffee that help during the heat wave

By: trademagazin Date: 2015. 08. 13. 11:05

It is easier to survive the heat wave with the consumption of iced drinks and ice coffees. The following recipe may come in handy for coffee lovers – Rutai Gergely, marketing manager for the Catler said.


One of the easiest to prepare iced coffee is the freddo espresso. Take a thick-walled long-necked glass and put 1 dl crushed ice into the bottom of it. Place a chocolate or vanilla-flavored ice cream scoop on the ice bed. Then, sprinkle it with grated chocolate or chocolate pieces, then pour the already brewed espresso coffee and the 1-2 dl cold milk onto the ice and the ice cream. The specialty coffee can be decorated with whipped cream. Do not forget the straw, since the icy pleasure may take longer this way!

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