The World Bank has improved its forecast for the Hungarian economy

By: Trademagazin editor Date: 2022. 01. 12. 11:44
The government is working to maintain its lead in relaunching the Hungarian economy and to keep the Hungarian economy on a dynamic growth path even in a slowing global economic environment, Minister of Finance Varga Mihály commented on improving the World Bank’s forecast for Hungarian economic growth in its latest forecast on Wednesday.

According to the World Bank, the Hungarian economy could grow by five percent this year

The minister recalled that the organization expects a 6.8 percent growth in the Hungarian economy by 2021 instead of the 6 percent previously reported, while a 5 percent growth is expected for this year instead of 4.7 percent. According to their forecast, the performance of the Hungarian economy may strengthen significantly, by 4.3 percent in 2023 as well. (MTI)

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