The mandatory deposit return system will be introduced in Hungarian stores from January

By: Trademagazin Date: 2023. 11. 17. 12:36

We are barely past the first data provision of the EPR system, but the following regulation is already here: the mandatory redemption system, otherwise known as the DRS system. The goal of the entire regulation is for Hungary to reach a 90% redemption rate in the field of PET bottles within a few years. Many questions arise in connection with the DRS system, such as, for example, what products are covered by the regulation, who is affected and how, and what is its relationship with the EPR system. The expert of Jalsovszky Law Firm, Péter Barta, explains the details.

450/2023. (X.4.) Certain provisions of the Government Decree entered into force already on November 1, 2023, moreover, the manufacturers are already burdened with obligations from November 15, 2023, but the regulation will only come into effect in its entirety from January 1, 2024.

Products covered by the DRS system

Products subject to a mandatory redemption fee are subject to the regulation, which includes the packaging of all glass, metal and plastic bottled and boxed beverage products with a capacity of between 0.1 and 3 liters, except for milk and milk-based beverage products.

In addition, in the case of specific products or packaging, based on an agreement to this effect, manufacturers may decide to voluntarily classify them as products with a redemption fee.

In the case of non-reusable products with a mandatory redemption fee, the legally fixed amount of the redemption fee is HUF 50 per piece, while in the case of reusable products with a mandatory redemption fee and products with a voluntary redemption fee, the redemption fee will be determined by the manufacturer.

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