AGROmashEXPO and Agricultural Machinery Show will be held again in January

By: STA Date: 2023. 12. 13. 09:00

The catch-up of our agriculture to the European Union is significant. While our productivity reached 41 percent of the EU value in 2010, this ratio increased to 67 percent by 2021. All of this is thanks to the technological modernization process that took place in recent years, which was also helped by subsidies amounting to about HUF 1,200 billion for increasing efficiency, said Zsolt Feldman.

(Photo: AM/Tibor Vermes)

At the press conference of the 42nd AGROMashEXPO and AgrárgépShow to be held in January 2024, the Secretary of State for Agriculture and Rural Development of the Ministry of Agriculture stated that Hungarian agriculture has made great strides in terms of efficiency and productivity. The fact that the efficiency of the sector has strengthened in recent years plays a significant role in the fact that Hungarian agriculture has weathered the drought year of 2022 and the market crisis caused by the appearance of Ukrainian crops on the European market this year. Zsolt Feldman also spoke about the significant impact on the agricultural machinery market in recent years of constructions promoting the transition to precision farming, the mechanization of horticulture and vineyards, and the technological renewal of livestock farms. The Ministry of Agriculture wants to encourage further technological progress by calling for new investment-supporting tenders to be published in 2024. Due to the difficult market and economic conditions affecting farming, the Ministry of Agriculture wants to encourage agricultural investments by providing advance payments in connection with tenders and making interest costs accountable.

Investments in machinery have contributed to the increase in the productivity and efficiency of agriculture up to now, and will continue to do so

The leading market players, the best-known international and domestic brands will appear again on January 24-27, 2024. at the AGROmashEXPO and AgrárgépShow events, where anyone can learn about the newly offered innovative solutions and developments, said the state secretary. In 2024, in an even larger area than before, more than 37,000 square meters, eight pavilions await exhibitors and interested parties at the Hungexpo Budapest Congress and Exhibition Center for four days. Here, in addition to the most well-known international agricultural machinery brands, the most important representatives of the domestic machinery industry will also present themselves. This time too, special attention is paid to seeds, other propagating materials, plant protection products, fertilizers and pest control materials. In order to satisfy the public’s interest, the topic of viticulture and winemaking returns.


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