It’s time, livers! – Another application opportunity has opened up

By: STA Date: 2023. 08. 22. 10:30

Another popular product has become available to applicants. This time, the Hungarians and their producers have the opportunity to win the Excellent Quality Food mark. But you should be careful, because the rules of the Hungarian Food Code are stricter than the Hungarian Food Code.

(Photo: Pixabay)

Even a liver can be excellent, as long as its production conditions meet the current Hungarian and EU legislation. And in this case, it is not enough just to comply with the relevant rules of the Hungarian Food Code.

Both smoked and unsmoked products can be used

The excellent liver products are cold spreadable products stuffed into a natural or artificial casing, consisting of pork, beef or poultry liver, meat, production bacon, edible offal, additives and flavorings. According to the Hungarian Food Book, a liver content of 25%, from up to two types of animals, is enough for a product to be called liver. In contrast, high-quality liver should contain at least 30% liver that comes from one animal. The exception is veal and poultry liver, in which case both types of liver content of at least 25% are allowed. Another important difference is that, unlike the Hungarian Food Code, the KMÉ does not allow the use of meat mechanically removed from the bones. The salt, fat, protein and calcium content of the finished product is also determined. You can read the detailed, special certification requirements on the KMÉ website.


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