The Jövő Store is opening again at the SIRHA Budapest exhibition! (Part 4)

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Between March 5-7, the SIRHA Budapest exhibition awaits visitors at the Future Store Innovations stand organized by Trade Magazine, covering almost 800 square meters. Come and visit us, as we would like to present the product innovations, sales support tool developments, and latest services of 25 companies to you!

This year, at the Future Store, tools and services focusing on the customer experience take center stage, while the main direction of product developments aims for sustainability. The latest commercial sales incentives, both traditional and digital tools, developments based on artificial intelligence, tool tracking, data collection, and analysis play a prominent role. And what presents a challenge for everyone from the commercial side: secure 24/7 conceptual opening hours solutions.

Numerous tools will be showcased here for the first time, and several product innovations will be available for tasting, just as in previous years. Out of the 25 exhibitors, now another 6 will be introduced (in alphabetical order).

At the SIRHA Budapest 2024 trade fair, in Pavilion AB1, the Future Store Innovations stand will feature 25 companies presenting their innovative products, successful sales incentive tools, and new solutions in a unique way, with professional guided tours every half hour at pre-announced times. You can sign up and schedule a time for the tour in advance, but depending on availability, on-site registration is also possible. The tour visits are in groups of up to 30 people, and each tour lasts approximately 70 minutes.

At the end of the article, you can register for free entry and the tours!

Ostoros: Being together is good!

We live and work in Eger, raising our children here. Attention and commitment drive us every day. We love to create and be together – with friends, acquaintances, new faces, and old ones. We constantly innovate and develop because it is important for us to create value. We produce high-quality wines for everyday occasions as well as celebrations.

Our slogan carries many meanings! That’s why we chose it. Being with friends, family, celebrating, chatting, wine tasting, hiking, eating, drinking… in short: Being together is good! We want to convey this message to a wider audience so that Ostoros wines can bring a refreshing sense of life to consumers, whether it’s a communal celebration or just a relaxing evening, or perhaps a pleasant, shared dinner, as Ostoros Family Winery wines prove to be a good choice for any occasion.

Introduction of the Real Nature renewed portfolio

Real Nature Ltd., throughout its entire value chain, has consciously been making significant efforts for 20 years to operate with the lowest environmental impact and to provide its customers with brands. Their work is evidenced by receiving the Sustainability Symbol award in 2020 for the development of the Joya brand, followed by the company’s operations in 2021. New, environmentally conscious production lines, modern, climate-conscious packaging technology, and logistics solutions with CO2 savings, cultivation and production with local ingredients, shortening the supply chain, optimizing the logistics network all contribute to this.

The primary goal of the Joya plant-based brand has been sustainable farming from the beginning, and they have employed numerous modern technological innovations to achieve this. Since the SIRHA exhibition in 2022, they have further developed the packaging of their products. Their Happy product line has proven to be highly popular in several consumer surveys, not only due to its price level but also because of its quality.

During the production of NÖM Good Milk dairy products, they replaced their entire portfolio, previously packaged in PET bottles, with 50-100% recycled RePet bottles. Good Milk products are made from guaranteed GMO-free ingredients, using local ingredients in their production and short supply chains. In 2023, with the establishment of a new, modern production line, Good Milk Elopak yogurt drinks were specifically developed for the Hungarian market, accompanied by continuous commercial and consumer education, as this type of packaging for yogurts is still novel in Hungary.

Lunter tofu brand’s distribution was launched with the slogan “In the service of good health.” Tofu has a history of several thousand years in Asia. The products are manufactured in Banská Bystrica. They come in plain, ready-to-use flavored versions, and are also available in delicious, spreadable cream forms for dipping or for a tasty breakfast.

My Love My Life offers a variety of living yogurt culture, plant-based product family, made from few ingredients, without preservatives and artificial substances, tasty and creamy, suitable for consumption as a dessert.

Nobilis, with a history of over 30 years, entrusted Real Nature with the distribution of its products two years ago. Recently, they have introduced ginger apple slices and turmeric almond slices to the shelves, complementing the children’s favorites, the zigzag apple products, in natural, cinnamon, and strawberry flavors.

The Green Heart organic product family serves healthy vegan and vegetarian nutrition. With a diverse flavor palette and optimized logistics services, the products come from Austria’s leading cold kitchen and sandwich-making facility and are available in stores.

Ecopremier in the deodorant market: Rossmann and Respray innovation

In January 2023, the Rossmann and Respray innovation, the technology of refillable deodorant with an automatic refill, made its debut. The demand for sustainable products has grown significantly in recent years, prompting FMCG companies to introduce more and more refill solutions for various products. Due to technological challenges, a solution for deodorants has been delayed until now. The Respray innovation addresses these problems, combining innovative valve and spray head technology with a self-developed refill machine that, thanks to various functions, allows the refilling of bottles in consumer environments.

Nearly two billion deodorant bottles are discarded by people in Europe every year. The production of new aluminum is an extremely energy and cost-intensive process that poses a huge burden on our environment. The Respray team believes that the perfect solution is for a consumer to be able to use a bottle several times. From the beginning, their basic goal has been to achieve the most positive environmental impact in the cosmetics industry: environmentally conscious consumers can reuse their bottle up to five times, thereby reducing their CO2 footprint by a quarter.

In collaboration with the Rossmann team and the drugstore chain’s ISANA brand, the machines are already available in 3 Rossmann stores in Budapest: Auchan Korzó in Budaörs, Flórián tér, and Mammut II, with the goal for the next years being nationwide expansion and expanding the range of scents and brands.

Visitors to the Future Store stand can try the refill themselves and, of course, take the refilled bottle home as a gift!

Stari Family Brewery: Beers for Every Generation!

The year 1992 was outstanding for Stari as they founded the first craft, small-batch brewery in the Balaton Highlands, also one of the country’s first, which continues to operate as a family business with unwavering popularity.

Whenever they are ready to embrace a new trend, they delve into product development with over thirty years of experience, knowledge, experimentation, and material expertise. In line with today’s trends, it’s understandable why they recently introduced a non-alcoholic beer and a lemon-flavored non-alcoholic beer. When it comes to light, summery, fruity craft beers, they offer the widest selection, but they also provide various types of pilsners, alongside red, brown, and wheat beers. Their beers are available in small twist-off cap bottles for greater convenience and in KEG barrels, but they also offer half-liter flip-top bottle packaging, where, for example, they distribute the official beer of Veszprém city.

The brewery offers beer tastings combined with dinner upon request at events, and at outdoor events, they pour beers from a custom-built beer truck for thousands of participants. If partners want to surprise their clients with personalized corporate gifts, Stari also undertakes the production of custom-labeled beers. During the Christmas season, they assist in corporate gifting with clever gastronomic packages alongside the beers.

Before or after the Future Store tour, anyone can confidently taste the 5 different Stari beers offered at the exhibition next to the Trade magazine registration desk.

Modern Logistics Services from TIMOCOM

As a European freight and logistics service provider, TIMOCOM offers the latest digital solutions to its customers for more efficient and transparent goods and freight transport. They pay special attention to data security and continuously develop their systems according to the needs of their customers.

The intelligent logistics system developed by TIMOCOM is a platform where carriers, freight forwarders, and logistics service providers meet. On the interactive map interface, transport opportunities can be easily found and compared, increasing efficiency and reducing empty runs. The system is secure and reliable, ensuring smooth business transactions.

The TIMOCOM Marketplace consolidates all known telematics systems, displaying important location data in an understandable way. On a single interface, you can see all traceable vehicles, eliminating the need to switch between various applications. Moreover, enhanced visibility provides greater security throughout the entire business process and contributes to more sustainable logistics solutions.

Cutting-edge Store Fixtures from Wanzl

Wanzl Hungary Ltd. presents numerous innovations this year at the Future Store, such as the Sliding door digital gate solution, the HybridLock digital deposit lock for shopping carts, the Bake Off display, the Your Table multifunctional product presentation system, the mobile workstation, the ProGlove wearable glove scanner, and the KT series order-picking trolleys.

The Sliding door is a stylish gate solution whose functions can be customized to fit the processes and retail expectations. It can be fitted in both entrance and exit zones, with traditional functions or controlled access. Identified access can be done with a mobile application-generated barcode or QR code.

The shopping cart is the first thing a customer physically encounters in a store, and digital developments cannot bypass this product. To ensure everyone is satisfied with the same product, the HybridLoc has both a traditional coin lock and a digital lock. After unlocking the cart, merchants can immediately reach their customers with personalized offers and bonus campaigns through their digital ads. Additionally, they receive important information about the frequency of cart use.

One of the highlighted areas in stores is the fresh bakery zone, where a Bakeoff display system hygienically presents pastries and bread. The modular system allows towers to be arranged to any number, adapting to the store’s product quantity. It can be integrated with a warming shelf and an open-shelf module suitable for displaying packaged products. An integrated system monitoring product consumption is under development, providing accurate information for planning daily bakes.

Your Table is a multifunctional product presentation system that allows products to be easily and professionally grouped. The accompanying elements and accessories are designed to be versatile and can be freely combined. It is excellent for presenting associated products that typically do not appear next to each other on the shelves but can generate significant additional sales when showcased together.

The Wanzl mobile workstation is an ideal solution to support warehousing and logistics tasks, which often involve multiple trips between the office and the warehouse. Whether it’s inventory, receiving incoming goods, or assembly activities, the mobile office saves time because all the technical equipment needed appears as a unit, making it possible to work more efficiently and safely.

The ProGlove is an innovative wearable (glove) scanner that breaks with traditional handheld scanner solutions while significantly increasing efficiency. Its ergonomic design allows workers to operate with a free hand, enabling more efficient and safer work. It can be widely used from goods receipt and dispatch to picking, contributing to perfecting processes in distribution centers or industrial plants, where every second matters.

The KT series order-picking trolleys are available in various sizes and optional accessories, helping optimize the warehouse picking process. They are accessible in various lengths, depths, and heights, adapting to the size of the product and the available space in the warehouse. They can be customized with optional accessories such as a push handle, tablet holder, step, grid or wooden shelf, allowing the trolley to be fully tailored to individual needs.

Visit the SIRHA Budapest exhibition between March 5th and 7th and join us at the Future Store Innovations stand organized by the Trade magazine, the Future Store, at booth AB1 in pavilion A!

Request your free entry at the following link. The entry can be downloaded for any day of the exhibition for professional visitors:

For the half-hourly Future Store stand tours, you need to register separately after downloading your free entry at the link above:

Get a glimpse of what’s in store by watching a summary video of the previous Future Store Innovations stand. [WATCH THE VIDEO HERE](INSERT LINK TO THE VIDEO)

Stari Family Brewery and the Trade magazine invite you to experience and taste their beers at the Future Store Innovations stand. TIMOCOM showcases its cutting-edge logistics solutions, and Wanzl presents modern store fixtures designed to enhance the retail experience. Don’t miss out on this exciting opportunity at the SIRHA Budapest exhibition!

Please note that the provided links are illustrative placeholders, and you should use the actual links provided by the organizers for accurate information and registration.

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