In the direction of nature: Milán Valkusz and Peti Marics invite you to hike, together with PICK

By: Trademagazin Date: 2024. 04. 18. 12:17

Three new hiking trails named PICK Bordó tour await hikers in three beautiful panoramic regions of the country. PICK’s spring campaign encourages people to get out of the four walls and enjoy spending time together outdoors. One of the special features of the initiative is that ValMar, a favorite among young people, has also joined it. On this occasion, the pop duo also created three acoustic songs that, thanks to a technological innovation, can only be heard exclusively on the PICK hiking trails.

The campaign launch was held on Dobogókön, next to one of the PICK Bordó routes. On behalf of PICK, Júlia Szokolai, the strategy and marketing director of the Bonafarm Group’s meat department, said that the brand is bound by its past and its role in the Hungarian community for generations. – As a more than 150-year-old Hungarian brand, we are part of the Hungarian community and we are responsible for our consumers. We believe that regular exercise is also part of a health-conscious lifestyle, in addition to a balanced diet. We think it’s important to get everyone, including young people, out of the four walls, out of the digital world, and encourage them to spend as much time as possible outdoors, to make hiking cool and trendy. And a weekend trip not only strengthens our physical well-being, but also means quality time together with family and friends, said Júlia Szokolai.

The director also drew attention to the fact that we should not forget to put quality travel accessories in backpacks and picnic baskets. “We are proud that the majority of Hungarian hikers have PICK winter salami sandwiches in their backpacks at this time,” he added.

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