The Ethical Repohár initiative is launched – BKIK offers a self-regulatory solution for players in the hospitality industry

By: Trademagazin Date: 2023. 07. 07. 12:59

The Etikus Repohár value community proposes a sustainable, transparent system that meets both consumer expectations and the possibilities of the hospitality and entertainment industry. The Repohár working group, convened by the Budapest Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BKIK), presented its recommendations regarding returnable glasses broken down into hospitality industry segments.

The Repohár working group, which cooperates with manufacturers, distributors, catering service providers and civil organizations, has been trying to find a solution to the difficulties related to returnable glasses for almost a year, the background of which is the lack of market regulation. The return of repo glasses used at nightclubs, festivals and other events is difficult in many cases, and it is also not transparent which venue handles the issue of returnable glasses. It is common for nightclubs to return a token instead of the deposit fee, which, however, cannot be used anywhere by consumers afterwards, so the glasses are taken home in the best case, and thrown in the trash in the worst case, which is completely contrary to the original purpose of the repohar system, which is to reduce the environmental burden with desired goals.

The consumer survey conducted by BKIK at the end of last year showed that consumers want a transparent repo system that takes into account sustainability aspects, in which they can exchange their glasses for money in as many places as possible.

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