Here are the best of Red Bull Ládaderbi

By: Trademagazin Date: 2024. 07. 02. 11:02

Red Bull Ládaderbi returned to Budapest after 16 years, on Sunday more than 20,000 people were curious about the competition of crazy styles and self-propelled, self-tuning cars. We show you the best moments.

On June 30, a jury of five evaluated the productions and the performance of the contestants. In addition to actress Evelin Dobos and Olympic kayaker Sándor Tótka, the judges’ team also included Csaba Kajdi, Stana Alexandra and Zoltán Szujó. The aesthetics of the train, the production performed before the race and the time it took to roll along the race track on the slope of Tabán were spot on.

The first place went to the purman team, who raced along the track with an igloo. The second team, and also the team that completed the distance the fastest, was Papírkutyák, TeamEmergencyRacing finished third with a car made from a hospital bed.

“It was interesting that as many jury members, as many opinions were expressed, everyone evaluated someone else. By the way, it is unusual for me that I was able to sit on the jury, but I will remember it as a great experience. I especially enjoyed scoring the creative tasks, in addition, the performance and choreography were the most important for me”

Alexandra Stana revealed about the event.

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