This is what box is really like!

By: Ipacs Tamás Date: 2021. 10. 22. 09:53

During the pandemic some restaurants started delivering brunch boxes for 2-3 people. Typically these contain large portions of food without any decoration, made of quality ingredients. The contents depend on the profile of the restaurant – there can be sweet or salty, meat or vegetarian and classic or free-from boxes.

In Hungary Horizont and Szimply offer such boxes in downtown Budapest. These aren’t classic restaurants: they are breakfast places that close in the early afternoon. It says enough about their target group that the and the websites are both in English. In Horizont the box called Vegyes Páros contains waffles, bagel, sausage, marinated eggs, butter, maple syrups, Othello jam, peanut butter, fresh vegetables and fruits, serving 3 people. The box style exists in catering too, for instance this is how they deliver snacks with dips, but in this segment minimum order quantities are required.


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