Third place: Coke ZERO – Lauritzen Marketing – The impossible is possible

By: trademagazin Date: 2009. 05. 27. 08:00

The spectacular sampling campaign organised to support the introduction of Coke Zero was a great success among consumers and members of the jury as well. Young urban males were stopped in the street to be given a cold 150 ml sample. The average area occupied in frequented urban junctions for 1-2 weeks was 200 square meters. The large branded containers, Chevrolet Jeep and team of 10 hosts and hostesses were impossible not to notice. The slogan “The impossible is possible” referred to the fact that Coke Zero offers a true Coke experience without sugar. A number of services were provided in the large container following a metal detector check. If guests agreed to show the metallic objects they had under their clothing, they received a survival package. There were also games in the Chevrolet Van, while participants had a chance to win the Jeep with a driver for a definite period. Hostesses and hosts received a one day training and their work was checked by Coca-Cola and Lauritzen Marketing regularly, almost daily. Instant feedback from consumers confirmed the fact that the spectacular campaign contributed to the success of the product introduction campaign.

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