Mangalitsa is a real hungaricum

By: trademagazin Date: 2014. 04. 03. 11:20

The mangalitsa is not a not mass product, but a real hungaricum, which is served on an increasing number of feast tables both in Hungary and abroad – Kósa Lajos, mayor of Debrecen said at the heralding press conference of the Mangalitsa festival of Debrecen on Thursday.

mangalicaKósa Lajos recalled that by the time of the system change, this ancient Hungarian pig breed was nearly extinction. In the spring of 1990 there were only 198 mangalitsas in the country, and the restarting of the production was started in Debrecen.

Tóth Péter, president of the National Association of Mangalitsa Breeders told MTI that mangalitsas are bred on 170 farms of the country. The number of the mangalitsas increased from 7,500 to 8300 in the past one year. (MTI)

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