Heat alarm and discount readiness: this is how domestic chain stores react to the heat wave

By: Trademagazin Date: 2024. 06. 20. 12:04

While the summer heat is raging, domestic retail chains also take the opportunity to launch their best heat-fighting promotions in the 25th week. Based on the Világgazdaság article, Lidl, Penny, Spar and Tesco are preparing particularly attractive offers to ease the heat.

The school year has not yet ended, but the real heatwave has already arrived in Hungary, which puts even the most resilient organizations to the test. According to HungaroMet’s forecast, a short relief is expected, however, longer-term forecasts predict an extremely dry and hot summer. In light of this, a fire ban has already been introduced in several counties, and soon the entire country may receive a red signal. The heatwave not only puts a strain on our bodies, but also on the electrical network, as electricity consumption increases dramatically due to air conditioning equipment.

The lucky ones who have a swimming pool or have timed their vacation for the warm days will have less trouble. However, not everyone can afford to leave the city or work during the heat. This is where the domestic chain stores come into the picture, offering various products in the 25th week in the name of cooling.

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