Fishing Association: the fishing industry is an integral part of Hungarian agriculture

By: STA Date: 2024. 03. 20. 09:00

The fishing industry is an integral part of Hungarian agriculture – stated the president of the Hungarian National Fishing Association (MOHOSZ) on Wednesday, at the VIII. Fish Day and III. At the Fishermen’s Day event.

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Lajos Szűcs said on the Szent Miklós event ship that the fishing industry was left out of a significant part of the agricultural subsidies, mainly because Hungary is not a maritime country. He believed that the fisheries operational program should not be separated from that of agriculture. The president indicated that negotiations are taking place with the involvement of the Ministry of Agriculture and professional organizations, so that the fishing industry will also receive the necessary resources. Lajos Szűcs drew attention to the fact that fish farming has been able to show serious results in the past period, mainly because natural waters and fish guards are under the management of MOHOSZ. He also said that fishing tourism represents serious opportunities from an economic point of view, for example, by postponing the Balaton fishing season, serious revenues can be generated in the hospitality industry.

István Dérer, director general of the National Fishing Organization Center (OHSZK), said that the state secretariat will prepare a government proposal in the coming weeks based on the National Fishing Tourism Strategy. Before the adoption of the final version, another social consultation will follow, and they hope that after its adoption, the funding will be secured in the first half of this year.

Zsolt Szári, the general manager of the Balatoni Halgazdokászi Nonprofit Zrt. (BHN), said that despite the continuous release of water, the water level of Lake Balaton remains at 125 centimeters, which is due to the large amount of precipitation. In connection with the Balaton death row, he mentioned the planting of sensitive fish species, among which he considered the greatest success was the reintroduction of the minnow, a program that started six years ago. He added: based on the feedback, the first installations are already 80 dekagrams and they have already caught small fish in the entire area of Lake Balaton. According to his hopes, there will soon be 2-2.5 kilogram minnows in the lake.

As part of Wednesday’s program, there was a visual carp installation at Tihany from a ferry, in the framework of which the specialists installed four tons of three-year-old carp of catchable size in Lake Balaton

Gábor Nagy, head of the fishing sector of the BHN, said about the fish stocking that fish are stocked in 35-40 places in Lake Balaton every year: last year 300 tons of carp, 13 tons of perch, 270 thousand pike, two pike, 3000 whitefish, as well as rock perch and tench. In addition, 250,000 carp and 100,000 perch and pike have entered the Kis-Balaton.


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