HoReCa: one out of two bottles is 0,33 litre size

By: trademagazin Date: 2007. 02. 28. 08:00

Sales of mineral water are growing in the HoReCa segment as well. According to ACNielsen, the total quantity sold last year was over 25 million litres, while total revenues approached HUF 10 billion, showing an increase of 8 per cent over the previous year. Carbon-free mineral water generated the expansion in quantity with an increase in sales of 25 per cent in 2006. 0,33 litre bottles continue to be the most popular size accounting for 49 per cent of total quantity and 58 per cent of total value sold. Prices are stable. The average price of a litre of mineral water in the HoReCa sector is HUF 361 as opposed to 363 a year before. Glass bottles are still more popular than PET ones, while returnable plastic bottles account for only one per cent of the mineral water market.

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