How to test disinfectants

By: Trademagazin editor Date: 2020. 04. 08. 11:30

Due to the spread of the coronavirus, a shortage occured from disinfectants, so many cosmetic companies have started to make water-alcohol products. What do these solutions consist of, what guarantees their effectiveness, and how are they tested? asked an expert from an independent testing laboratory…

The most commonly used disinfectants in the food industry are chlorine- and iodine-containing preparations, quaternary ammonium compounds, peroxy derivatives and ampholytic soaps. Chlorine-containing preparations release chlorine gas, thereby exerting their effects oxidatively. The advantage of this is that the germicidal effect is fast and certain in all temperature ranges – Vadasi Tamás, head of the Food Safety Business Unit of WESSLING Hungary Kft. told, an independent testing laboratory dealing with household and chemical substances, cosmetics and disinfectants.