For sirloin push B2!

By: Trademagazin Date: 2017. 03. 06. 10:24

The time has come: in certain countries meat is now available to consumers from vending machines. In east Paris the owner of butcher’s shop L’ami Txulette set up a vending machine from which customers can buy meat after the shop has closed and at weekends. Fourth-generation butcher Joshua Applestone in New York operates several vending machines, 24 hours a day. Products from these are cheaper than in the shop. The Izarzugaza family has three butcher’s shops in north Spain. They also sell meat and various dishes online and when their shops are closed.

Hatszinert nyomjon B2-2

Hatszinert nyomjon B2-3

Hatszinert nyomjon B2-t 1

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