Face masks and plant-based yogurt are flying high

By: Trademagazin editor Date: 2018. 02. 10. 23:00

Combined sales of the 5 biggest drug and food categories amounted to nearly HUF 30 billion between December 2016 and November 2017. Face mask sales skyrocketed with plus 108 percent and plant-based yogurt sales soared by 33 percent.

Face mask sales represented a value of HUF 750 billion in the examined period – no less than 2 million products were sold in the category as volume sales were up 66 percent. The third fastest seller in the drug category was paper towel: sales were worth almost HUF 2 billion; value sales augmented by 31 percent and volume sales increased by 32 percent at nearly 4 million packs. Demand also grew for furniture polish wipes as value sales jumped 25 percent and sales amounted to HUF 15 million.

Plant-based yogurt sales represented a value of HUF 200 million and grew by 33 percent, and the engine of this growth was new innovations launched by brand manufacturers. Pre-packed croissants also performed well: value sales soared by 24 percent and approached HUF 5 billion. //

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