Brewer Carlsberg Nears Its Sustainability Targets

By: Gyarmati Orsolya Date: 2020. 02. 06. 08:50

Carlsberg has reported ‘solid progress’ toward its sustainability goals, the brewer said in a statement.
The Carlsberg Group’s ‘Together Towards ZERO’ programme’s sustainability targets are aimed at reducing the company’s carbon emissions.

In 2019, the group reported a 30% reduction in relative carbon emissions at its breweries since 2015 (13% since 2018), acquiring 56% of its electricity from renewable sources, with five carbon-neutral sites running entirely on renewable energy.

The company reported relative carbon reductions of 30% and absolute carbon reductions of 25% at its breweries since 2015.
Shifting its focusing to electric deliveries in 2020, 20 fully electric 26-tonne trucks are to be delivered to Carlsberg’s Swiss company, Feldschlösschen.

The group delivered a 12% reduction in relative water consumption since 2015 and announced an investment in a total water-recycling plant at its Fredericia brewery in Denmark.