Soon we will only be able to get certain dietary supplements in pharmacies

By: Trademagazin Date: 2024. 04. 03. 12:08

The draft on the tightening of the trade regulation of dietary supplements in Hungary is a subject of constant debate. According to the planned changes, certain dietary supplements would only be available in pharmacies and certified specialty stores. The Association of Organic and Medicinal Plant Traders (BIGYOX) supports the tightening, while some domestic manufacturers oppose it.

According to the Association of Hungarian Food Supplement Manufacturers and Distributors (MÉKISZ), the basis for the tightening is doubtful, as there is no public draft. Dietary supplements are foods that must be safe. The organization criticizes that the justification for the proposed regulation refers to public health problems, even though there is no evidence that dietary supplements pose a danger. The MÉKISZ and its partner association (GYSZT) claims that the planned restrictions would greatly hinder Hungarian businesses and retail units, as well as limit consumers’ access to products.