(HU) Haltelepítést tiltott meg a Nébih Állami Halőri Szolgálata

By: STA Date: 2023. 06. 22. 10:30

Fish stocking has been banned by the Nébih State Fisheries Service At the end of May, fishermen of the Nébih State Fisheries Service (ÁHSZ) conducted an on-site inspection of a fishing pond in the Bogács area. The fishing association planned to plant 1,500 kg of three-year-old carp on the site. However, the authority prohibited placing the fish in the water due to a quantity discrepancy and the lack of transport documents.

(Photo: Pixabay)

Among the priority tasks of the ÁHSZ is the control of the regularity of fish stocking and the traceability of fish, so during the spring fish stocking period, fish wardens across the country are increasingly investigating compliance with legal regulations.

According to a preliminary announcement, 1,500 kg of three-year-old carp were planned to be planted on the inspected fishing pond in the Bogács area

Nébih’s fish inspectors examined the documents accompanying the shipment, however, the driver of the fish transport vehicle could not prove his right to transport the car or himself – with a limited license to transport live animals. In addition, 3,200 kg of carp were listed on the presented aquatic animal health certificate – which was issued on May 20 – while 1,600 kg of carp were recorded on the delivery note. Based on the size of the transport truck’s tanks, it was suspected that there might be less fish than the accompanying documentation confirms. Based on on-site experience, the inspectors returned the shipment to the producer and performed a quantitative check, during which it was revealed that the fish transport car had only 802 kg of fish. The producer was not cooperative during the procedure and tried to obstruct the quantity control of the authority, so the fish guards asked for the help of the Tisza Water Police Police Department. The ÁHSZ is currently conducting an investigation against an unknown suspect due to the intention to plant fish of unverified origin, while the police are investigating the suspicion of falsification of private documents and fraud.

In order to ensure the traceability and control of fish stocks, prior notification of stocks is a legal requirement

This must be done at least 3 days before the installation by the person authorized to manage fish in the fish management specialist system, thus ensuring the efficient performance of official supervision tasks. Nébih draws the attention of fishermen and those authorized to manage fish that the ÁHSZ will act more strictly and more efficiently than before in order to protect fish and their habitat. All of this includes the control of both the traceability of fish shipments and the quantity and quality of fish intended for stocking. The authority also aims to encourage the notification of plantings, as well as the registration of non-registered fish farming water areas operated for fishing purposes.


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