The collection was organized by Westend and the Children’s Feeding Foundation

By: Trademagazin Date: 2023. 09. 18. 11:23

In cooperation with the Children’s Catering Foundation, Westend hosted children living in difficult circumstances in its renewed food court, Food&Friends. At the event, the foundation was also handed over the HUF five million corporate support, which came from the money offered after the purchases made in the first week after the opening. At the same time, they emphasized that anyone can support the work of GYEA at the kiosk in the food court until September 22.

The renewed Food&Friends by Westend was presented to the public on July 22 in the framework of a large-scale show program. This marked the end of the largest investment project since the opening of the shopping center. High-quality service to the needs of visitors has always been important to Westend, so the transformation was preceded by consumer research. After a detailed mapping of the needs, Westend dreamed up the concept of the new food court, which was designed and implemented by the internationally recognized Hello Wood team. In addition to visitors’ expectations, aspects such as awareness, sustainability or social and environmental responsibility were taken into account. The renewed food court was named Food&Friends, reflecting the dual function of the space, since the part of the building serves as a social space in addition to eating. After more than half a year of on-site work, Westend visitors were able to take possession of a dining area renovated based on international trends, characterized by modernity, innovation and closeness to nature, from the selection of raw materials to digital and energy-saving solutions.