Magazine: Gundel Awards 2021

By: Trademagazin Date: 2021. 10. 18. 06:42

MVI logoOn 23 September the winners of this year’s Gundel Awards were announced in the Hungarian Museum of Trade and Tourism (MKVM): Gyula Berkes, the owner of Biarritz restaurant in Budapest and Szabolcs Dudás and Szilárd Dudás, the owners of Anyukám Mondta restaurant in Encs walked away with the awards in 2021. László Kovács, president of the Guild of Hungarian Restaurateurs (MVI) handed over the prizes to the winners. //

Gyula Berkes – Biarritz (Budapest)

Gyula Berkes has been working in the restaurant business for 46 years. He opened Biarritz in 1995. I wouldn’t swap the Gundel Award for a Michelin star, that is for sure. I believe in myself and the restaurant’s concept, still I was surprised to win the prize. For more than two decades I have been managing Biarritz and I didn’t want to do fine dining, because I don’t believe in reinterpreting dishes. Our culinary style is closest to that of brasseries in France and we use premium local ingredients. //


Szilárd Dudás, Gyula Berkes, László Kovács president of the MVI and Szabolcs Dudás


Szabolcs Dudás and Szilárd Dudás – Anyukám Mondta (Encs)

Szabolcs Dudás and Szilárd Dudás have gradually turned Anyukám Mondta into probably the best restaurant outside of the capital, starting in 1995. Szilárd Dudás told after the award ceremony that winning the Gundel Award reassured them in their efforts for creating value, and it gives them strength to continue working in the spirit of Károly Gundel. Szabolcs Dudás added: what makes the prize even more precious is that Anyukám Mondta achieved this success in Encs, a place where there are no tourist attractions at all. //

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