Amway against malnutrition

By: trademagazin Date: 2015. 05. 11. 11:06

Amway’s unique NUTRILITE™ Power of 5 Campaign draws attention to the worldwide problem of childhood malnutrition.


Leveraging the contents of NUTRILITE™ LITTLE BITS™ supplement, a one-gram nutrient powder packet containing 15 vitamins and minerals, the Power of 5 Campaign organizes efforts to deliver the essential daily nutrients contained in NUTRILITE LITTLE BITS supplement to in-need children – age six months to five years old – supporting healthy growth and development.

“Our goal is to expand NUTRILITE LITTLE BITS supplement to a total of 17 countries by 2016,” said Amway Chairman Steve Van Andel. “We want to help more children reach their fifth birthday and get a healthier start in life. The NUTRILITE Power of 5 Campaign brings powerful resources together to address a critical malnutrition situation and we are very pleased to be part of the worldwide solution.”

Non-governmental organizations (NGOs), Amway Business Owners and the NUTRILITE brand of vitamins and dietary supplements will team together to make the campaign a reality. People around the world will be able to support the distribution of NUTRILITE LITTLE BITS supplements to in-need children as well. Contributions to the NUTRILITE Power of 5 Campaign can be made at

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