Business and sustainability: Danone’s dual commitment began 50 years ago

By: STA Date: 2022. 10. 27. 12:56

“The responsibility of companies does not end on the production lines or in the offices. Their actions determine the quality of life of every consumer. We only have one planet and one life,” said Antoine Riboud, Danone’s managing director at the time, in a speech in Marseille 50 years ago in 1972, who was one of the first to draw attention to the importance of the ethical operation of companies. What was said there defines the mission of the corporate group to this day, and this year we are commemorating it for the 50th time.

Antoine Riboud

In a pioneering way, Antoine R. drew attention to the fact that every producer who considers himself responsible has an obligation not only for his products, but also for their effects on health and the planet. Since then, this has been Danone’s defining mission. According to this, the goal behind all the company’s developments is to contribute to a healthy lifestyle for as many people as possible through its products, while also paying attention to the fact that their production and packaging also support planet-friendly solutions. And the Danone group of companies has many valuable ingredients for this perfect recipe: a broad portfolio of products that ensure balanced nutrition for all age groups, informative programs related to nutrition for social purposes or even the protection of our environment implemented with local partners. On the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the Marseille speech, the global Renew Danone program ensures the sustainable development of the company in each local market, including Hungary. The company’s mission of “We have one life and one planet” is an integral part of this recipe, which starts from the fact that people’s health and the future of our Earth are inextricably intertwined.

Local aspirations for a global mission

Danone in Hungary over the past thirty years has supported and continues to support the development of a sustainable lifestyle and a healthy, waste-free diet with numerous local programs. The company strives to support consumers in developing good eating habits, encourage them to adopt a healthier lifestyle, and help them make good nutritional decisions. For nearly 20 years, the company’s “Let’s work together for children” social program has helped Hungarian children to eat healthy and balanced meals.

In addition, Danone also strives to draw the public’s attention to such important topics as the malnutrition of young children, the elderly and oncology patients.

It also works continuously to actively support allergic babies, premature babies and epileptic patients. In addition, its heart is the continuation of the professional and educational work related to nutrition therapy, which it supports in collaboration with its professional partners through their master courses, as well as by maintaining a free home care service. In order to support conscious consumer choice, the company is gradually introducing the voluntary Nutri-Score nutritional value marking on its products, which helps to provide consumers with easy-to-understand and transparent information. A responsible attitude towards the environment is also part of the local efforts, be it recyclable packaging, reducing the ecological footprint or action against food waste. Danone has been closely cooperating with the Hungarian Food Bank for years, and the company’s Sustainability Award-winning Plastic Shop provides tangible support not only to companies, but also to consumers in learning about and using plastic types, thus encouraging us all to actively protect the environment.

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