GKI: economic growth is gradually slowing down

By: trademagazin Date: 2015. 11. 02. 11:40

The slow down of the Hungarian economy started to in the second quarter of 2015 will continue – according to the GKI, especially as a result of the temporary decline of the EU development sources, the restrained and modest export business investment opportunities – the GKI Gazdaságkutató Zrt. forecasts.


According to the prognosis sent to MTI, after last year's 3.6 percent this year a 2.7 percent GDP growth is expected. For next year an around 2 percent growth is forecasted. The company noted that while in 2014 the Hungarian economy temporarily was one of the fastest growing in the EU, in this year's second quarter, countries in the region, such as Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Romania also overtook Hungary. (MTI)

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