Important changes in relation to phytosanitary notifications

By: STA Date: 2024. 01. 08. 10:30

The form for phytosanitary notifications required by April 30 has been changed.

(Photo: Pixabay)

Based on the relevant decree, producers have a notification obligation regarding phytosanitary tests. The content of the Notification form related to the investigation has changed, as many points have been added based on Regulation (EU) 2016/2031. From now on, it will be necessary to submit the new form to the relevant county government offices. The new Registration / Data Reconciliation Form can be downloaded from the Nébih Plant Health sub-page. The county plant protection inspectors carry out phytosanitary inspections in the most suitable period for the detection of pests occurring on the examined plant, at least once a year, and issue an official report. Inspection documents are valid for the vegetation period of the current year until withdrawn or until the next inspection. The application and the notification still do not need to be submitted on paper, but can be sent to the county government offices via the customer portal or by email.

Based on the decree, a plant protection fine of HUF 15,000-1,000,000 can be imposed on a producer who fails to provide data, record and register

Annexes 1 and 2 of the decree also contain the range of harmful substances subject to notification. Nébih asks producers to report non-native pests or the symptoms caused by them to the plant and soil protection department of the relevant county government office. The list of reportable pests is available on Nébih’s website.


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