Important change: Nitrate data must be provided in the eGN by March 31

By: STA Date: 2024. 03. 19. 10:15

The National Food Chain Safety Office (Nébih) draws the attention of producers to the fact that starting this year, nitrate data must be provided through the electronic management log (eGN) instead of the ÁNYK form filling program.

(Photo: Pixabay)

The deadline for submitting data is March 31, 2024. Another change is that it is necessary to record the entire nitrate register on the eGN interface. Agricultural producers who farm in nitrate-sensitive areas must keep continuous records for the calendar year. The data content of the register must be submitted to Nébih by March 31 of the year following the calendar year. Amendments to the legislation related to nitrate data provision are currently in progress, but the ÁNYK system was introduced at the government level, so from this year onwards, data provision can no longer be completed via the usual General Form filling interface. The data must be uploaded to the eGN interface by filling in the appropriate data fields.

In contrast to previous practice, the entire nitrate register must be recorded on the eGN surface

Of course, this regulation does not affect those producers farming in nitrate-sensitive areas who have already uploaded their entire farming logbook to the eGN by February 15 in connection with a support regulation. It is important to know that the nitrate register can still be kept on paper in 2024, but the data must be entered into the system by March 31, 2025. The eGN is designed for continuous data upload, so the authority recommends that in the future the register be maintained directly in the system by the persons concerned. In this way, they can avoid double administration and dumping before the deadline. To enter the system, click on the “Customer Profile E-Administration” field on the Nébih home page, where you can access the eGN with your customer gateway ID. After selecting “Electronic Management Journal (eGN)” and clicking on the “Continue to e-administration” link, the eGN interface will appear. They have the opportunity to handle cases on their own, as a proxy or on the basis of company representation.


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