Support for irrigation development continues

By: STA Date: 2024. 03. 26. 10:00

Farmers must be supported in being able to adapt to the challenges posed by climate change and at the same time increase the cultivation of crops with greater added value. As part of the Rural Development Program, another 40 water management projects received approximately HUF 19.5 billion in support, so a total of around HUF 110 billion in support was awarded in the scheme, said State Secretary for Agriculture and Rural Development Zsolt Feldman.

(Photo: Pixabay)

The Ministry of Agriculture treats the development of irrigated agriculture as a priority area, with the aim of continuously and significantly increasing the size of irrigated areas in the coming years. Within the framework of the Rural Development Program, a tender called “Development of the agricultural water management sector” was available for many years. The call comprehensively provided development resources for all activities related to irrigation, such as for the construction of new water extraction works, the installation of new irrigation machines and pipelines, as well as the replacement of elements of outdated irrigation systems, the State Secretary of the Ministry of Agriculture emphasized. D

ue to the increasingly frequent and longer dry periods, in addition to encouraging management practices that help conserve water, the government sees irrigation development as a priority in the now-ending Rural Development Program and in the new support period as well.

The state secretary emphasized that the Greyhound Ministry is already working on a support scheme to help the implementation of new water management projects announced within the framework of the KAP Strategic Plan, which, according to the previously announced schedule, is expected to be available to those interested in the spring of this year. In addition to the continuous support of the investment side of irrigation development, it is a great help that, like last year, the government will take over the financial burden of agricultural water supply this year, i.e. farmers will be exempted from the fee for agricultural water supply through state-owned water facilities – concluded Zsolt Feldman.