The price drop continues at SPAR

By: Trademagazin Date: 2023. 03. 20. 12:35

Every week, SPAR Hungary makes its offer even more attractive within the framework of the Árzuhanás Promotion. Starting this Monday, the prices of the following products participating in the Promotion will be 5-40% cheaper in SPAR and INTERSPAR stores, depending on the product. Last week, the Promotion started with more than 300 products, this number will be increased by nearly 70 products this week.

In order for its customers to be able to plan their small or large purchases at the most favorable price, the company reduces the prices of new and new products in the SPAR and INTERSPAR stores every week as part of the Price Drop Promotion. The list is expanded every Monday with new products, the current product list is available on the website And of course, the new consumer price of the products and the extent of the price reduction are also included in the online leaflet.

Participating in the Price Drop Promotion from Monday, March 20, 2023:

the price of baked goods (breads, buns, kifliks, baguettes, paillasses) is 7-40%,
the price of fish products by 18-30%,
and the price of some meat products (hot dogs, bacon) is reduced by 5%.

In addition to weekly decreasing prices, other discounts, promotions, loyalty and coupon offers help customers to spend as little as possible, while still being able to choose from a wide range of high-quality and mostly domestically sourced products. Not only the products of the always low-priced RED PRICES Promotion, but also the offer of flyers with yellow labels, which are renewed weekly, presenting discount products, serve this purpose.