Heineken Hungaria continues charitable initiative

By: trademagazin Date: 2009. 10. 15. 00:00

Heineken continues its social responsibility program. The company expresses its commitment for the development of towns with traditional beer breweries with the for Sopron / for Martfű program.

The 2008-launched "for Sopron / for Martfű” program
quickly became a success, because the citizens were happy to participate in a
vote, in which their city’s foundations or associations can give financial
support. In 2008, the for Sopron Rescue Foundation received assistance to
purchase an ambulance, and the Martfű Brats Foundation could expanded the
kindergarten’s playground.

The profile of the foundations can be found at the
www.heinekensopronert.hu and at the www.heinekenmartfuert.hu pages. 

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