FM: The government is trying to produce better quality food

By: Trademagazin editor Date: 2017. 11. 08. 11:46

With its Food Chain Security Strategy , the government seeks to develop better quality food, develop consumer awareness and increase the efficiency of official activity, Nagy István, Minister of State of the Ministry of Agriculture (FM) said on Wednesday at the 12th Plant Day in Gödöllő.

According to the press release of the ministry, the Minister of State recalled that the 20-point action plan containing the measures was adopted by the government in the summer of 2017.

Nagy István stressed that protection against pests is important for food chain safety, and harmful organisms from other continents are particularly make the environment vulnerable. As a result of global trade and climate change, their risks have increased significantly, and new tools for the marketing of products within the Union, such as plant passports, protected zones, and additional resources are needed to be modernized and improved. (MTI)

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