Fidelity: Who will be the AI winners?

By: Trademagazin Date: 2023. 07. 05. 13:54

It’s all about generative artificial intelligence these days. It has the potential to truly transform the world around us, but like several other recent technological innovations – electric vehicles, renewable energy sources or even blockchain – valuations sometimes tend to be disconnected from the fundamentals. Fidelity analysts took a look at the technology and its risks, and where they see investment opportunities in it.

• Generative artificial intelligence is today’s most fashionable technology. Its essence is that it creates new and original content from existing information using machine learning algorithms and configurations.

• Investing in artificial intelligence is not just about choosing the best technology. There is a long value chain from which to choose, while expectations and values must also be taken into account.

• In addition, regulatory and political risks must be kept in mind. Investors do best in this area by favoring undervalued parts of the supply chain, such as semiconductors.

In recent months, artificial intelligence (AI, MI in Hungarian) has been in the center of attention. Fidelity has been following the development of this technology for some time, and they recently conducted a deep dive research among the most well-known international experts on the subject.

Generative AI uses machine learning algorithms and configurations to create new and original content from existing information. Based on the data, it recognizes patterns and regularities, and uses this knowledge to create new data similar to the originals. It can create new images, videos, music, code and text based on patterns in the data. This new content can be lifelike almost to the point of deception.

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