Wining and dining at festivals

By: Ipacs Tamás Date: 2024. 04. 01. 08:53

Hungary is the home of festivals: celebration, tradition, culture, food and drink, lots of experiences – it has almost become a way of life and festivals are also important from a tourism perspective.

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Street food, finger food, snacks: these categories that are difficult to separate, with many overlaps and lots of common features.

Today’s street food is characterised by the use of bold flavours

Street food fits in well with most of the major 21st century culinary trends: it offers variety, has a myriad of healthy options, and quality service providers use fresh – often local – cooking ingredients, serving food from around the world in the form of “à la minute” dishes! Street food is perfectly in tune with our fast-paced lifestyles. We like to buy our food quickly, preferably from a large selection, and it is equally important to eat it quickly. Street food is shedding the stigma it once had, gradually becoming part of our everyday lives, as it can already be found in the repertoires of restaurants, buffets, catering companies and even mass catering firms. In Hungary the street food scene is positioned higher, owing to the fact that more and more well-known chefs are trying their hands at this genre. Today street food is characterised by the use of bold flavours and classic street food should also be suitable for to-go consumption, being quick and easy to eat, by hand or minimal cutlery. The natural target group for street food is Generation Y and Z consumers, because they like to snack and experiment and also because global thinking is simply the norm for them. //

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