We must manage the soil in a sustainable way

By: STA Date: 2023. 11. 17. 09:00

Plastics are indispensable not only in our everyday life, but also in agriculture. In addition to its many advantages during agricultural application, it is necessary to take into account its harmful consequences, and it is necessary to use the results of science to help agricultural workers in sustainable farming – said Anikó Juhász, the Deputy Secretary of State responsible for agriculture at the Ministry of Agriculture, on the occasion of the Hungarian Science Festival.

(Photo: AM/Strbik Dorina)

At a professional conference on the impact of bioplastics on the soil, the deputy state secretary spoke about the fact that almost half of Hungary’s territory is taken care of by agriculture. Soil is one of our natural resources that we must manage in a sustainable way. Regarding plastics, he said: whether it is bioplastic or traditional plastics, the optimal solution must be found to use as little as possible, process it as well as possible, and show producers the best possible alternatives. He emphasized that if we get to the point where all of this can be followed and learned in the form of good practices, then it can be incorporated into the policy even from the side of legislation or support policy, he added.

The Hungarian Science Festival program series started 20 years ago, to which the Ministry of Agriculture joined again with its own event

This year, the focus was on reducing plastic pollution and innovative soil protection solutions. Are bioplastics really compostable? The participants in the event formulated and discussed the question under the title “What do the chemist, the soil ecologist and the waste management engineer say?” Compostable bioplastics introduced to reduce the environmental load have been on the market for years. Their development has gained a strong momentum in industrial societies in the last decade. However, their use is still surrounded by reservations. The event tried to draw attention to the questions and concerns that concern both decision-makers and the public.


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