Innovative packaging solutions for fresh food

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There is a growing demand for innovative solutions in fresh food packaging, driven by a combination of environmental concerns, consumer preferences, regulatory requirements and the desire for improved functionality and convenience.

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DS Smith’s packaging solutions help you to respond to these new needs in fresh food packaging, be it fruit and vegetables or fresh meat and meat substitutes.


Sustainable corrugated tray packaging for fruit and vegetables

Fresh fruit and vegetables are highly sensitive products that are easily damaged during transport, require complex storage and have a short delivery time to preserve freshness. Packaging plays a key role in doing this, and let’s not forget that 44% of consumers prefer sustainable packaging.

DS Smith small tray packaging for fruit and vegetables

– Fully paper-based solution, easy to recycle.

– In line with supply chain requirements.

– Protects produce during transport.

– Optimising packaging performance cuts supply chain costs

– Helps to stimulate and increase sales.

– Can be equipped with a sustainable perforated lid or a transparent window made of natural material.

Meat and ready meal packaging

DS Smith’s Easy Bowl design is a simple alternative to plastic trays: there is a fibre-based outer tray from a renewable source and a recyclable inner layer. It is ideal for packaging fresh meats, meat substitutes, fish and ready meals, protecting the product and helping to ensure long-lasting storage, while providing great branding opportunities, using up to 85% less plastic.

– Individual layers and materials can be easily separated for recycling.

– Meets food safety requirements.

– Suitable for use with protective gas.

– Wide range of applications from microwave through freezing to refrigerated conditions.


By using up to 85 per cent less plastic





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