Most successful EuroCIS ever

By: trademagazin Date: 2012. 03. 01. 13:19

“No matter whether we are talking about big or smaller trade companies, in developed countries as well as in developing ones, the major focus of the activity is to be even more efficient and produce even more products. This, of course, explains why EuroCIS is getting more and more popular, among exhibitors as well as among visitors” – Michael Gerling, CEO of the European Commercial Institute and German Foodcommerce Association pointed out to Trade Magazin within the compass of the highly successful EuroCIS tradeshow in Thursday in Düsseldorf, Germany.

EuroCIS mainly reflected various possibilities to reduce costs, especially when it comes to merchandise-economics, optimizing processes at the checkout, and various ways to share work-processes. Retail is arming its checkouts. Soft- and hardware are replaced on a regular basis to meet the customers’ demand for mobile and contactless payment procedures, self-checkouts and other trends. Meanwhile, the investment in sustainable checkout elements remains an important factor. Mobile and contactless payments

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