The Domro Borgazdaság Kft. will be liquidated

By: Trade Horeca Date: 2012. 03. 19. 11:00

The Domro Borgazdaság Kft. wine distributor company of Imrehegy will be liquidated. Last year, the food safety authority found hundred thousand bottles of unknown origin wines in the company’s storehouse.

In early March, the county court of Bács-Kiskun county ordered the winding up procceeding of the Domro Borgazdaság Kft., because the liquidation proceeding was not successful. According to the datas of Opten; the company was founded by a couple, living in Kiskőrös with a 3 million HUF registered capital in the turn of the century, but the company's ownership was transferred to a Lichtenstein firm in the fall of 2002, which raised the capital, after a dynamic growth in revenue to 243 million HUF in 2008. According to the latest datas of Opten, the company had nearly 2.8 billion HUF revenue and more than 52 million HUF profit in 2010 – reports.

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