The New York Times published a report about the Langos Truck

By: trademagazin Date: 2015. 07. 24. 10:55

The online edition of the New York Times published a report about Prepuk Zsolt’s Langos Truck that is cruising on the streets of New York since April 2014.

Ligaya Mishan, the author of the article wrote that ” If you are Hungarian, langos (pronounced LAHN-gauche) is the taste of summer, of days on lawns overlooking the 50-mile-long Lake Balaton, which those who live in the landlocked nation call the Hungarian Sea.”

” If you are not Hungarian, you might mistake langos for a small underfurnished pizza and bypass it in search of more ample pleasures. This would be a loss.” – She added.

Prepuk Zsolt, 39, a native of Budapest who started the Langos Truck in April 2014, came to New York 16 years ago. He waited tables at La Goulue and Cipriani Wall Street (which may explain the truck’s unusually debonair service) before taking to the streets to convince New Yorkers that the snack of his youth is as essential to our sidewalks as pretzels and falafel. (MTI, Pogár Demeter)

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