The Syngenta IDEAL melon won a silver medal at the Fruit Logistica exhibition

By: STA Date: 2023. 02. 14. 11:00

Syngenta’s product was awarded for the third time in a row at the Fruit Logistica international exhibition. After the YOOM dark cherry tomato* in 2020 and the ISTEM cauliflower specialty in 2022, the company received a prestigious award again this year: in 2023, the IDEAL cantaloupe won a silver medal among the most innovative products.

(Photo: Syngenta)

“We are very pleased that our company’s vegetable business has once again received such a prestigious award,” said Jeremie Chabanis, Syngenta’s Europe, Africa and Middle East value chain manager. “This is a serious confirmation for all those who help our work in the fields of research and development, breeding and production.

The IDEAL melons, which have the patented “Harvest Indicator” property, have an excellent taste and aroma, and indicate when the ideal harvest time is reached by changing the skin color from green to golden straw. This helps a lot in planning delivery, inventory and usage time. Last but not least, the color clearly indicates to customers that the cantaloupe is ripe and has a delicious taste to the last bite.

In addition, Syngenta also presented a number of new products to the visitors of Fruit Logistica this year

Among other things, they presented their latest research results in the field of brown fruit wrinkle virus (ToBRFV). Syngenta already commercialized ToBRFV-resistant tomatoes in 2020 and continues to research new modes of action. Syngenta’s high-tech greenhouse is located in Maasland, the Netherlands, where research experiments on tomatoes and peppers are carried out. The researchers presented a system using artificial intelligence with a harvesting robot. In addition to these, the company came to Berlin with SolidRib™ and Krisspice™ salads. The demand for high-quality salad is increasing. Syngenta’s program focuses on disease resistance, large surface area leaves, and storability during its development.

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