Even Princess Pearsoon will like this – KMÉ is expanding with frozen green peas

By: STA Date: 2023. 10. 11. 09:30

Do you know the story when a pea was put in the princess’s bed and she couldn’t sleep because of it? Although he could not have rested better with high-quality frozen green peas, he would have made a soup excellent. This will soon be possible in our own kitchen as well, as the opportunity to apply has opened in this product range as well.

(Photo: Pixabay)

Quick-frozen green peas must meet very strict requirements if they want to win the KMÉ trademark. One of them is my appearance. KMÉ green peas in quick-frozen state are hard, frozen, rolling, well-cleaned, intact and healthy. Free from yellow, blotchy, damaged eyes.

It can be extra tender, tender or just plain green peas, the expectation is that it has the shape, color and taste characteristic of the variety

The KMÉ sets even stricter conditions than the Hungarian Food Code. For example, while the latter allows 1 or even 2 weed seeds in 250g of green peas, the KMÉ excludes the occurrence of weed seeds. In order to obtain excellent quality, 250 grams of quick-frozen green peas can contain no more than 2 grains with leaves attached to them. The Hungarian Food Code allows six times as much. It is also a requirement that the packaging must state how and for how long the green peas must be heat treated in order to be able to consume them in the best quality.



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